Design-oriented research strategies in Urbanism

The course explores basic research issues and concepts, as well as specific strategies for research and design in the field of Urbanism. At TU Delft Urbanism is conceived as an interdisciplinary approach that engages in real-world sociocultural, ecological and technological issues affecting urban landscapes, from the perspective of spatial planning, urban design and landscape architecture. This course aims to provide students with (1) theoretical and practical clues for developing a critical academic attitude towards research and design from an Urbanism perspective, and (2) in-depth understanding of important design-oriented research strategies in landscape architecture and urban design. The course consists of seminars, hands-on workshops and  writing a methodology paper.

Fit for whom? 
Students in landscape architecture, urban planning and design, and those who are interested in spatial oriented research and design. The course is also followed by post-graduates of the EMU-track.


Course at a glance

MSc track

Course code
AR3LA020 / AR9230

quarter 1 and 3

one quarter

Course load
contact: 45 hours per quarter + research paper

ECTS = GS credits

Dr. Steffen Nijhuis

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