ABE 007

ABE007 | Discovering Statistics Using SPSS

This course teaches the PhD candidate to process data, to make graphs, compute simple statistics and to analyze data using various statistical techniques by means of the statistical software package SPSS.

Meeting 1: Introduction, working with SPSS; Measurement level; Frequency tables
  • Data input in SPSS 
  • Types of variables
  • Frequency tables 
  • Measurement level 
Meeting 2: Chi2 test
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Chi2 test and testing the assumptions
  • Recode command
Meeting 3: Correlation
  • Pearson correlation coefficient and testing the assumptions
  • Spearman correlation coefficient and testing the assumptions
  • Making graphs: scatterplot and histogram
  • Calculating standard deviation and variance
Meeting 4: Analyzing group differences in the case of two independent groups
  • Independent samples t-test
  • Mann-Whitney U test
  • Effect size (Cohen’s d)
Meeting 5 Single regression analysis
  • Regression analysis with one predictor
  • The use of dummy variables
Meeting 6: Multiple regression analysis
  • Regression with more than one predictor (multiple regression)
  • Outliers and influential data points
  • Assumptions
Meeting 7: Analyzing group differences in the case of more than two independent groups
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  • Kruskal-Wallis test
Meeting 8: Summary and discussion on pitfalls within statistical research
  • Summary, final quiz
  • Discussion on pitfalls within statistical research
  • Another topic that has come up during the course

Schedule fall 2019

11 September 201913.00 - 16.00
25 September 201913.00 - 16.00
9 October 201913.00 - 16.00
23 October 201913.00 - 16.00
6 November 201913.00 - 16.00
20 November 201913.00 - 16.00  
4 December 201913.00 - 16.00
18 December 201913.00 - 16.00  

Learning Objectives

After the course the PhD candidate will be able to make graphs and compute simple statistics, perform several statistical analyses and has knowledge about which statistical method to choose and how to apply it correctly. Furthermore the candidate will be able to use SPSS. 

Teaching Method

Eight interactive sessions with lectures and computer exercises. 

Cost Price of Course Material (per participant)


  • Field (2017), Discovering Statistics Using SPSS, Sage, 5th edition (about €55)

About the Lecturer(s)/Coach(es)

Sylvia Jansen works as assistant professor/methodologist in the department OTB -  Research for the Built Environment of the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment since 2004. 

Course Data

Course code
ABE 007

Course type
Interactive course

Most appropriate for
PhD candidates at all stages

Free for PhD candidates of A+BE Graduate School

Number of participants
min. 10 /max. 26

Name of lecturer(s)/coach(es)
Dr. Sylvia J.T. Jansen (coordinator)

Course load
Roughly 100 (incl. preparations). Seven assignments are provided of which at least four have to be handed in for feedback. The PhD candidates are expected to study the literature in advance of each session.

Graduate School credits

See 'course load'

Twice yearly, from March and September onwards

Upcoming course dates and times
Fall 2019, see schedule

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Alternative (similar to)
An basic alternative -your decision how knowledgeable you need to be on the matter- is this MSc course.