Architectural Project and its Foundations

PhD Projects

PhD student


Oscar Andrade CastroArchitectural techniques in an open work 

Ana Rosa Chagas Cavalcanti 

A Favela Pattern Language 

Robert Alexander Gorny 

Flat Theory ⁄ A Genealogy of Apartments 

Marcel Ijsselstijn

Markets and ports. A comparative study on the spatial origin and development
of towns in the Low Countries, 700-1400

Rick Krosenbrink 

Designing for Safety & Security 

Michaël Willem Maria Smits 

Inhabitant Inclusive Housing Design Support Tool

Mark Pimlott


The very large, extensive interior-the core of Montréal’s ville intérieure


Gökçe Önal 

Translation of the built environment through networks of flux: disclosing the spatial, perceptual and representational complexities of urban daily movement and the emergent city image

Dorina PllumbiProcesses of Production of Common-Places. The role of architecture in these processes

Oliver Sack


Shaping Spaces, Creating Spatial Relations


Seyed Mohamad Ali Sedighi

Open Space as Departure Point for Flexible Spatial Configuration of Housing, Iranian Large-Scale Housing Models Since 1972

Wenwen Sun

Chinese Notion of Public Space:
Towards Another Urban Design Practice in Northern Chinese Capitals

Anteneh Tesfaye Tola 

The Making of Places of Coexistence – Addis Ababa 

Manuela Triggianese


European High Speed Train Station Areas Redevelopments-Updating Tools for Large Scale Projects


Arnoud de Waaijer


The formation of a Rand'stad’ Metropolis: transit infrastructures, railway locations and architecture

Xialu Wang


Redevelopment of Railway Station Areas in China - Towards Spatial Integration Strategy


The Architectural Project and its Foundations

The research programme ‘Architectural project’ focuses explicitly on architecture as métier, or ‘craft’ in the broadest sense of the word; a field in which making and thinking are inextricably linked. The programme regards the ‘architectural project’ as the cornerstone of architectural practice and reflection.
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