PhD Projects

PhD candidate  PhD research 
Abhijeet Chandel Building Blocks For Pandemic-Proof Living Environments
Alberto Reques del Rio Underground Megacomplexes: materiality, imaginaries, and politics of the Asian Transportation Hubs
Anteneh Tesfaye Tola  Addis Ababa's 'Sefer' 
Brook Haileselassie  Deconstructing Dwelling: Correlations of spatial practices with Housing conditions in Addis Ababa : 
Burcu Koken  Mimarlık, 1963-1980:Discourse, Practice, and Policy
Casper van Engelenburg  Contrastive Representation Learning of Architectural Drawings: Towards Improved Architectural Search Engines 
Diederik de Koning  The Modern Architecture of the Farmstead 
Dorina Pllumbi Processes of Production of Common-Places. The role of architecture in these processes
Eric Ferreira Crevels  Epistemologies of Making: Dialectics of Knowledge in Craft and Architecture
Fatemeh Mostafavi Environmental Spatial Zoning:
from Intuition to Intelligence 
Filippo Maria Doria  Blindness and representation
Gökçe Önal  Translation of the built environment through networks of flux: disclosing the spatial, perceptual and representational complexities of urban daily movement and the emergent city image 
Golnar Abbasi  The Domestic Project – Modern project of housing in Tehran: performances of production, domesticity, and resistance in a constant reformulation of political ideologies globally and inside Iran 
Halina Velose e Zarate Data-supported Design for Transport Nodes and Sustainable Urbanization
Íñigo Cornago Bonal Domestic spatial agency: The role of dwellers in shaping the contemporary global housing system and the impact of their empowerment on spatial justice 
John Hanna Registering conflicts: spatial production under traumatic conditions
Mar Muñoz Aparici Unfinished Thresholds 

Mark Pimlott

Means to a beginning

Nasimsadat Razavian  Play of Architectural Construct 
Penglin Zhu  Spatial Practice and Representation: An Exploration of the Built Environment and Lifestyle in the Daqing Oil Cluster
Rezvan Sarkhosh  Iranian Oil Cluster (1908-1980): The Impact of Global Networks of Oil Actors and Flows on Shaping Khuzestan's Transnational Oil Modernity
Ricardo Avella  Modernizing the Venezuelan Amazon: rual housing as an instrument of Cold War era colonization 
Rohan Varma  The Architecture of Public Housing in India 
Rose Sarkhosh History of shaping urban imageries in Tehran projected by Iranian political powers, in the light of the existence of oil in Iran 
Saman Seyff Clubmaniac Urbanism: From Boom to Bust Making and breaking new public spaces / communities in Tehran in 1970s
Soscha Monteiro De Jesus A History of Sustainability in Urban Design
Stefan Gzyl Caracas, Departure City. Spatial transformation in the aftermath of emigration and collapse
Taufan ter Weel Amplified Realities: Architectures of Control
Yingying Gan  A study on healthcare architecture from the perspective of Medical Sociology theories in China 
Zhuoran Jia 

A Hospital Design Support System