Design Engineering

PhD Projects

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Miktha Farid Alkadri Performance Assessment of Designing in its Environment by Making Use of Point Cloud
Juan F. Azcarate-Aguerre Facades as a service
Jens Böke Thinking Skins: Towards intelligent acting facades
Ioannis Chatzikonstantinou

Incorporating Qualitative Criteria in Multi-Objective Architectural Design Optimization through Interaction: An Adaptive, Cognitive Framework
Alexander Liu Cheng Design, development, and implementation of an open and decentralized: Robotically Assisted/Augmented Living framework based on Design to Robotic Production and Operation principles
Yu-Chou Chiang Integrating Robotic Assembly Strategies with Design-to-Robotic-Production
Paul Denz Smart Textile Skins: Functional and constructional integration of smart textiles into the building skin
Tiantian Du Automatic Generation of Architectural Space Layout to Optimise the Energy Performance of Office Buildings
Berk Ekici

Computational Intelligence for Design Decisions: A Case Study for High-Rise Buildings
Ahmed Felimban Envelope integrated Strategies for Solar Management in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Susanne Gosztonyi Biomimetic strategies for thermoregulation of adaptive facades
Minyoung Kwon

Methods for the Value Optimisation of nearly Zero-Energy Renovation of Offices
Sina Mostafavi

Materially Informed Design to Robotic Production Systems (MID2RP) 
Tatiana Armijos Moya

Improving Indoor Environment and Energy Performance in Offices through Building-Integrated Active Vegetation Systems
Phan Anh Nguyen

Housing refurbishment for energy efficiency in subtropical climate of Vietnam

Zubairu Tijjani Onuvajor


Assessment of Building Performance from the Standpoint of Elderly and Disabled Persons Using Neural Computation
Marco A. Ortiz User Experiences and Energy Consumption in Homes
Marjolein Overtoom The (Temporary) Transformation of Vacant Buildings from a User-Perspective
Adam Pajonk Investigation of the potential of additively manufactured Functionally Graded Materials for façade design
Wang Pan A Computation Strategy for the Conceptual Designs of Indoor Sports Arenas: supporting the integration of the multi-functional space and long-span roof structure
Raquel Viula  A multivariable approach to the analysis of visual comfort of classrooms
with daylight: towards design guidance
Jason Oliver Vollen

Thermally Active Mass Ceramic Building Facade
Ding Yang Design as Exploration: Multi-objective and Multi-disciplinary Design Exploration and Optimization of Indoor Sports Buildings
Dadi Zhang Customization of indoor environmental quality in a classroom

Design Engineering

The research programme Design Engineering for the Built Environment is embedded in the Department of Architectural Engineering & Technology. It seeks for resilience, innovation and sustainability at various scales within the design of buildings and the built environment. The strength of the programme lies in an interdisciplinary approach and direct interaction between a broad range of expertise domains represented within the research programme.
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