Management in the Built Environment

PhD Projects

PhD candidate  PhD research 
Jeroen Mens  Bottom-up urban development 
Jiefang Ma Homeowners’ participation in energy efficiency renovation in China’s Northern heating region
Joke Terlaak Poot  Homemaking by solo dwellers in the northern Netherlands
Kees Stam Learning in established regimes
Kyungho Choe Housing Regime and Institutional Change
Lu Ding  Linking Reverse Logistics Operations for Circular Construction
Mart van Uden Reconfiguration of Practices: 
Paths towards Circularity in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Sector
Mohammad Hamida Circulair Building Adaptability and Adaptation Framework 
Nina Bohm Learning from science and the city
Qi Tu Improving and extending the OTB house price model in the Netherlands
Tijn Croon The Governance of Energy Poverty Alleviation
Vitnarae Kang Flexibility, public accountability and financial results in municipal land development projects
Yvo de Mul The position of the subcontractor in the whole of contractual relations in construction