PhD Projects

PhD student


Verena Balz


Regional Design-Dimensions of Geographies in the Context of Regional Governance


Ulf Hackauf Spatializing Urban Metabolism – Analysing the spatial relationship between urban metabolism and urban design through a parametric design study

Birgit Hausleitner


Structuring the coexistence of living and working for a liveable city-Case Amsterdam


Daniel Jauslin


Architecture with Landscape Methods


Rachel Keeton

Urban Africa: Making the Adaptive City in Fragile Institutional Environments

Kavisha Kumar

Storage, Update and Dissemination of Massive 3D City Models

Anna Labetski

Generalisation of 3D city models

Mei Liu

Quantifying Landscpae Spaces: Measurement, evaluation and application of spatio-visual landscape indicators in landscape design

Azadeh Mashayekhi


Transforming the Future-The urbanization and Modernization process of Tehran Metropolis


Bardia Mashhoodi


Complexity theory, Social segregation and urban form


Daniela Maiullari

SPACE-ENERGY Patterns. Developing a conceptual tool for Energy Sensitive Urban Design

Meng Meng Planning for Climate Adaptation in Delta Cities: Incorporating the Flood Risk into Spatial Planning
Foteini Setaki

Acoustic Design and Additive Manufacturing

Rusne Sileryte A Framework to Assess Impact Significanse
Guus van Steenbergen

Area development, from top down to bottom up; Looking for the role of the regional government in the spatial development of the region.

Alexander Wandl


Territories-In-Between-A Cross Case Study on the Planning of Areas Between Urban and Rural 


Xialu Wang

Transforming infrastructure hubs: spatial performance of inner-city stations in China’s big cities

Liang Xiong

Water Infrastructure as Inter-scale Design Tool for Spatial Strategy Making Dike System in Pearl River Delta as Case Study


Jun Ying

The Changing Role of Small Towns in China’s Urban Regionalisation





Urbanism investigates the relationships between urban patterns, society and design and planning interventions that may promote a more sustainable and fair urban environment.
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