1M Homes

Creating 1 million homes

There is an urgent need for affordable housing solutions in the Netherlands before 2030. However, the focus should not only be on producing new dwellings, but rather on creating homes and neighborhoods that meet the needs of the future population. Through academic research and education, the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment explores solutions for creating homes for people.

1M Homes addresses research questions like:

  • How to shape mass housing production that fits the needs of households?
  • How should the built environment be shaped, how dense and how high should houses be built?
  • How to make homes and living environments fit for ageing at home?
  • How to accommodate values such as equity and sustainability in housing strategies?

A clear vision on the housing challenge is still lacking. In this initiative, we bring different experts together to work on this societal issue. With the aim to ensure an integral, coherent vision across scales, disciplines, and expertise.

Together with public and private partners, and other societal stakeholders, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of Delft University of Technology will contribute to develop such a vision.