Research group Global Housing

The research group Global Housing aims at examining housing design from different perspectives: historical, theoretical and methodological, while exploring lines of inquiry that promote intersections of architectural studies with research fields focused on governance, technology, social sciences, and humanities. Focusing on housing both as a verb and as a noun, as John Turner would put it, the Global Housing research group accommodates projects and scholarship that contributes to create and disseminate knowledge on housing design as an essential component of a collective commitment to contribute solutions to the global challenges of urbanisation.  

By 2050, two out of three human beings will live in cities. A combined phenomenon of rapid urbanisation coupled with widespread changing demographics brings with it many challenges to people‚Äôs livelihoods, to the social ecology of urban communities, to the environment, to the physical and social infrastructure of the world we live in. Access to adequate, affordable housing, has been singled out by the United Nations as one of the most pressing social issues in a global scale. 

Architecture in particular, and the design disciplines in general, can play an important role in this solving the global housing crisis. Expanding housing design as a research field is an important contribution to tackle this challenge. It is crucial that we investigate possible solutions for the challenges we face today, next to critical accounts of experiences developed in the past. 

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