Delta Urbanism

Delta Urbanism focuses on new approaches in the design and planning of urbanised deltas that face extreme challenges from competing claims and interests. A balance must be found between on-going urbanisation, port-development, agriculture, environmental and ecological qualities, flood-defence systems and fresh-water supply. Balancing competing claims in deltas requires new relationships to be forged between design, engineering, science and governance.

The research aims to ensure that urbanised deltas are more liveable (creating the conditions for enjoyment and benefit of the delta-condition), more robust (resistance to sudden disturbances), more resilient (ability to recover from disturbances) and more adaptive (capacity to adapt to structurally changing circumstances).

Research questions

  • How can a balance of economy, urbanisation, environmental quality and safety be made in delta areas?
  • How can fruitful interdisciplinary approaches of design, engineering, science and governance be created and maintained?
  • How can we define a new balance between planned, designed and engineered interventions in the system of the delta on the one hand, and a freedom for self-organization of natural and societal processes on the other?


Would you like to know more about this research theme or discuss the possibilities for cooperation? Please contact the research leaders:

Dr. F.L. Hooimeijer T. Kuzniecow Bacchin