The Sandbox

Lab for collaborative innovations

‘The Sandbox’ offers a creative space to develop new innovations and to make research visible within BK Bouwkunde.  

The lab offers a dynamic environment for different types of (heavy) machinery, depending on the necessities of each individual research project. In this communal space researchers of different areas of expertise can work together. This stimulates a natural interaction between the different areas. The lab is therefore not defined by the hardware, but by the researchers themselves. New collaborations can lead to new research niches, opening up new opportunities.

“If you want to collaborate, it is often very helpful to just look around and see what is happening. You get inspired by the research of others.”

Currently, research focused on Additive Manufacturing in Architecture and Robotic Building is carried out in the lab. Researchers and students at BK Bouwkunde are welcome to discuss research ideas. 

Contact The Sandbox:

Vera Laszlo

The Sandbox is located at BG.West.200