News & Events

27 oktober 2022

Architectural Education in Times of Uncertainty Symposium | 2 - 4 November

The symposium aims to engage a number of colleagues in a discussion about our current pedagogical approaches for circularity, but also about ways we can go about for teaching in times of uncertainty.

14 oktober 2022

Winners CBE Graduation Award 2021-2022 announced

On 13 October the nominees and winners of the third edition of the Circularity in the Built Environment Graduation Award were announced. This annual award recognizes the contribution BK graduation students make to the transition towards a circular built environment.

11 oktober 2022

Circularity in the Built Environment Graduation Award Ceremony

On Thursday 13 October, the winners of the Circularity in the Built Environment Graduation Award 2021-2022 will be announced by Vice Dean Maarten van Ham. Members of the jury will appraise the winning projects.

28 september 2022

Educational resources for circularity

Two new educational resources have been made available that can support educators in teaching for and about circularity in their course(s) and help them provide their students with relevant learning materials. Both learning environments are completely open and accessible to all educators worldwide but also to anyone interested in circularity.

10 september 2022

Online course for professionals on spatial circularity strategies

Do you want to learn how to integrate spatial aspects into the development of circular strategies? Enroll now for the professional education course ‘Spatial Circularity Strategies for Sustainable Regional Development’, which starts on 5 October.