Urban River Regeneration through Nature Inclusive Quays

Breda, as many other cities in Europe is struggling with unsustainable urbanisation, degradation of urban ecosystems, and lack of resilience to climate change. Addressing these challenges, GreenQuays aims at sustainable urban renaturation in Breda using nature inclusive regenerative solutions (green quays linked to public green spaces) as part of a bigger scheme targeting the urban restoration of the river Mark.

GreenQuays will test a complex set of transferable and innovative solutions for renaturing urban rivers in dense downtown areas, where there is insufficient space for developing natural riverbanks.

The solution is centered on an innovative Nature Inclusive Quay (NIQ) technology that is specifically designed to support the development of a complex vertical ecosystem, providing favourable conditions for flora and fauna. GreenQuays also builds on systemic innovation, integrating climate-responsive, spatially regenerative, restorative, biophilic and economically empowering approaches. The technical solution is supported by social innovation, through applying an intensive participatory co-design process, targeting the active engagement of external stakeholders and citizens.

GreenQuays ambition is to renature 7.500 m2 urban area in Breda, to scale up project results at an 800 meter long section of river Mark, and to transfer the solution to other follower cities, altogether contributing to the renaturing of 55.000 m2 urban area across Europe 7 years after the project ends. 


Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through
the Urban Innovation Actions Initiative


Urban Innovative Action program

Grant amount:

€ 4,699,228
Contribution to TU Delft: € 281,909

Grant number: 


Role TU Delft: 

Project partner

Project duration:

July 2019 - July 2022

TU Delft researchers:                

Koen Mulder 
Barbara Lubelli
Gabriel Pardo Redondo
Ivneet Singh Bhatia 
Rita Esposito

Max Veeger

Project partners

Municipality of Breda, The Baronie Area Federation of Nature Associations, Ravon, Delft University of Technology, Van den Berk Nurseries, Wageningen University and Research, Waterboard Brabantse Delta, BLASt Foundation


Ir. Koen Mulder