Future Envelope 13

Architectural Façades and Products Research Group
Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft
March 30th 2021
Location: Online Conference (ZOOM)

User centred façades

The Future Envelope 13 – Conference on Building Envelopes

Over recent years, we have observed new trends in building envelopes towards a more user centred design. Themes such as sustainable solutions have been widely discussed but ultimately it is the use of buildings as the primary goal of building activity. We believe that technological development and processes need to embrace the user of a building to come to new innovative solutions.

The conference addresses topics such as User Comfort, Engineering Performance, Technology and User Interfaces and finally the Design and Co-creation of Facades.

‘User Centred Facades’ aims at answering the following questions: What are the trends that determine the future of the building envelope? How can we understand the impact that facades have on user comfort and wellbeing? What technological solutions enable the best interaction of façade and user? How can the user get involved and how can we design new processes to support co-creation?
During the 13th edition of the annual conference, twelve international speakers from research, industry, management and design will share their experience and visions of the future building envelope.

User centred façades is organised by the Architectural Façades and Products Research Group, Chair Design of Construction, TU Delft in cooperation with the European Façade Network (EFN)

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SESSION 01-User Comfort
SESSION 01-Engineered Performance
SESSION 01-Technology & User Interface
SESSION 01-Design & Co-creation


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Articles from the key-note presentations will be published in the Journal of Façade Design and Engineering.

For further information: http://jfde.tudelft.nl/


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For more information contact FutureEnvelope-bk@tudelft.nl.


The Future Envelope 13 takes place online (ZOOM) 


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