Façade Research Group

During the past decades facade construction has undergone extensive development. There are several causes; first the architectural development in general which is always expressed in the facade appearance. Secondly, a clear trend to more ecological solutions in terms of energy savings, collecting and decentralized storage. In addition, more respect is paid to user friendliness and climatic performance, and today facades are one of the most important elements of the installation system - facades represent the interface between the user and his living environment and the outside world. Construction methods are getting increasingly sophisticated; resulting in system based design methods. We envision the future building being a living interactive body, with the facade as one of the most complex building components. 

According to the idea of “research driven design” and “design driven research”, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Knaack and Dr. Tillmann Klein founded the Facade Research Group at the Chair Design of Construction. Dr. Thaleia Konstantinou functions as daily supervisor for the PhD´s. 

The team of 8-12 PhD´s concentrates on exploring future possibilities for the building envelope, is linked to an academic network like the European façade network efn; the COST Action 1403 the adaptive façade network and several individual cooperation’s with universities. Next to the academic environment, industry is a strong partner in development and research-projects. 

As part of Façade Research Group activities, we have launched the Journal of Facade Design and Engineering (JFDE), which presents new research results and new proven practice of the field of facade design and engineering.