Bridge Design Group

The attention for the aesthetic design of bridges and infrastructures is growing since the 90s. Bridges are no longer seen as mere functional objects. For a long time, the design of bridges and infrastructures has been the sole domain of the engineer. Nowadays bridges, viaducts, tunnels, and even whole road designs have obtained a renewed interest from architects, landscape architects and urban planners.

The Bridge Design Group conducts research into the integral design methodology of bridges and the use of new and sustainable materials in bridge design. The research programme has a living lab at The Green Village that is designated to the use of sustainable, durable and innovative materials in bridge design.

The Bridge Design Group provides students with knowledge and skills on the synergy between the architectural design, the integration in the (urban) landscape and the structural design of bridges.


Ir. Joris Smits

  • TU Delft

    Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment


    Julianalaan 134

    2628 BL Delft

    the Netherlands

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