BSc course (minor)

The research group is actively providing education on the structural use of glass in structures, buildings and facades.

The research group provides a BSc course (minor) “Bend and Break”. This course includes a series of lectures and hands-on physical testing in the laboratory to raise the understanding of the structural performance of glass. 

MSc course

In addition, the research group is involved in the MSc course “Technoledge Structural Design” for Architectural Engineering & Technology students. In this 9 weeks course the students focus on the design of a glass structure. The course consists of a series of lectures and practical (design) sessions. 

MSc theses

Finally, the research group guides over 10 MSc thesis projects in the domain of structural glass every year.

The following graduation projects are available for Building Technology students (Architecture) and Building Engineering students (Civil Engineering). The graduate students will be working closely with one or more of the four PhD students as the second (day to day) mentor while the first mentor will be either Prof. ir. Rob Nijsse (Structures), Dr. ir. Fred Veer (Materials Science), or Dr. ir. Christian Louter (Structural Glass Design).

Transparent Restoration of a Historic Building by Glass Elements

All Transparent column

Actual vs Measured stress in glass details

Residual stress variation in tempered glass