In its education, the Chair of Methods and Analysis aims to be a laboratory for students who want to explore pioneering ways to analyse, understand and intervene in the built environment. Studios and seminars ask questions such as: Which methods are appropriate to analyse our present urban condition? Which approaches and instruments can inform contemporary design intervention? Can we develop a new architectural toolbox to act in the urban territory of the 21st century? 

Student work

Transdisciplinary encounters - Tampere

With the Msc 2 studio Transdiciplinary Encounters: Choreographing Architectural Values, we have combined philosophical reflections on the experience of place and the complexities of situation with a practical perspective, building an intervention on-site. The studio has taken 24 students from TU Delft to a former pulp factory and manor house in Tampere (Finland).

Engaging this urban site in the direct vicinity of forests and lakes, and foregrounding our bodies’ capacity to ‘make space’, the studio carried out experimental, site-specific explorations and analysis, followed by a built intervention on site. Through a series of theory seminars and physical explorations (movement classes), they explore research and making methods derived from the field of dance and choreography, particularly focusing on the relationship(s) between movement and ‘situatedness’.

By students from the MSc2 Trandisiciplinary encounters

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dr. Jorge Mejia Hernandez

dr. ir. Klaske Havik