Andrea Cusanno

Architecture & Public Building


The City and site location are the solid elements on which the architectural gesture lays its foundations.

The proposed datum is an institution: a law think tank that houses 28 students (one for each European Union country) and trains them in order to become the future members of the European Court of Justice, located in the adjacent Plateau de Kirchberg.

The project is vertically developed in three layers of action: The first one on the level of the forest, is a completely public space that functions as a footing of the building. Its pointy paradigm recalls the tree trunks in the attempt to give order where randomness reigns. The sequence and framing of space directly recalls the historical center: space over objects. The second layer is to be found 10 meters above, where the roof of the think-tank functions as parking spot for the cars coming from the Plateau de Kirchberg. The same geometrical elements found on the public ground floor are here solidified in concrete objects, recalling the paradigm of the modern city. Here, the objects prevail as an obstacle. The third layer lays between the two: the think-tank itself is a squared slab in which the most important space, the courtroom, is symbolically located in the center.