Dermot Horgan

Architecture & Public Building

The Vertical Arcade

Initially informed through speculative thematization of the urban context and contextual mappings, the project Vertical Arcade proposes a new interpretation of the traditional ‘arcade’ of the horizontal route to an element of vertical route, wrapping courts of greatly lacking public space and functions associated with the activities of Theatre, Train station and Market. The project proposes a ‘hub’ and associated activities as the first major point of entry to the city as a tourist from the Airport. Immediately on arrival the occupant is invited to explore the layers of civic-space wrapped by the heavy base of the external arcade. 

This new arcade typology attempts to connect each axis of the site and link into the existing network of the broader urban context of arcade routes. The existing rail lines of Na Florenci station are lowered under the ground informing a primary North/ South circulation route.

Within this new urban block, the occupant is invited to explore the layers and their associated spaces from the initial datum of the existing street level.