Architecture Theory Thesis Seminar - Thinking/Reading/Writing

The Architecture Theory Thesis Seminar 'Thinking/Reading/Writing' is a required course for the MSc2 curriculum that follows up on the MSc1 Delft History and Theory Lecture Series (AR1A066). It offers students who wish to continue developing a theoretical perspective in regards to architecture the opportunity of carrying out research on relevant themes. It places emphasis on the conceptual and theoretical dimensions of present-day architectural thinking and design, allowing students to explore diverse angles of our discipline through the development of relevant arguments and research on a topic of their own choice.

Through a series of weekly lectures based on the lecturers' research and the assigned course book, the course offers participants current knowledge on contemporary concerns in architecture culture, theory and practice, exploring how these are related to advances in other disciplines such as philosophy, cultural anthropology, neuroscience, psychology, and ecology, among others, from a trans-disciplinary perspective. The course will deal mainly with questions concerning our architectural habits as well as the significance of experience, action and perception, in relation to the (built) environment. It will do so by focusing on the relationships of architecture and culture, investigating different models of design, aesthetics, perception, and ethics, as well as engaging with topics concerning space-place, atmosphere and architecture.

The Architecture Theory Thesis Seminar 'Thinking/Reading/Writing' course has been designed to allow students to acquire and deepen their knowledge on contemporary architecture theory and discourse in order to develop their own research in the form of a Theory Masters Thesis (academic research essay). The course offers students a weekly lecture series dealing with diverse topics on contemporary architecture theory, a required course book and recommended readings, as well as seminar / group meetings in which these topics will be explored and discussed in detail. In addition, the course offers interested students one individual tutorial/consultation moment prior to the submission of the final assignment.