Research Plan

The AR3A010 Research Plan course aims to help MSc3/4 students to improve their critical and analytical skills necessary to design a sound theoretical and methodological research framework through which to engage their graduation projects. The course will help students reflect on the methodologies, theories and ethics of their graduation research while supporting them to develop the necessary skills to successfully develop the research component of their individual graduation projects.

Students are required to conceptualize the role of research and the implication of research approaches in their graduation project as a whole. They learn to develop and carry out a graduation level research project, which will offer the academic foundations for their design project. The main aim is to assist students in designing their research. The Research Plan will be a component of the required Graduation Plan.

Through a series of plenary lectures, ‘how-to’ tutorials, workshops, seminars and masterclasses, students will address questions that are pertinent to the design and start-up of their Research Plan. This plan is intended to substantiate the Graduation Plan that is a required deliverable for graduation.