Olga Gumienna

Borders & Territories

Demolition Park with Art’s Center

The strategy of Permanent Autonomous Zones of Inactivity in the city of Belgrade is a response to the condition of ‘in-between’ various political systems that continue to spatially shape the city. By applying upon a city another order- a grid of symbols that will demarcate the areas of autonomy, citizens will gain back their decisiveness and recover from constant pressure of political systems within a city.  Each symbol then will be transformed into object, determined by its situation and enriched by a function resulting from urban activity. The strategy acknowledges the fact that the notions of transparency and non-transparency are equally needed in the cities. The object are therefore, a theoretical test of wild and underground autonomous activities emerging within a city.

This particular, investigated symbol, rediscovers demolition as a way of emotional release where violation of space becomes a creative act. It is a space where deviation from norm is allowed. A controlled disaster.

The starting point for act of demolition is the site with existing ruins. The symbol, by destroying the existing structure, begins the process of creating art through acts of demolition and aggression on space. The displaced ruble may be used as source of material. The form of the circle enhances the continuous act of creating act and destroying it – the circular process of demolition and creativity allows the building to function independently from outside world. The building itself is a wall that becomes thicker in order to accommodate functions. The openings, marking the traces of demolished ruins, are arranged as a light spectacle.