Delft Reconnaissance

Anne-Vera Solala Arvidsson

This project is a photographic interpretation of Delft and the area Voordijkshoorn. The intention has been to offer a series of photographs where the relation between the built and the presence of the landscape and sky has been in focus. The most distinctive in this survey of the zone has been the division between the architecture and the growth around it, where the built environment is being shown mostly as if growing out of the land, the buildings punctuating the landscape they are placed in. The aim has been to engender speculation for what enfolds around the framed view, where a strive for ambiance and calmness has been a main point. Essentially the depicted places are shown still and laconic to leave a thought behind the seen. The light is subtle, the colour palette slightly dull and the human being only seen in the traces of the built. Through this visual representation of Delft, the architecture grows between sky and ground gently yet immediate creating a presence experienced within the captured moment.