Hôtel Particulier

Margherita Lurani

A petit hotel in the historical city center of Delft is a project that tries to be an experience of the Netherlands in own architectural expression. I believe this project was driven particularly by my fascinations as a traveler.

My response to the specificity of the historical center of Delft is a compact building organized longitudinally reflecting the historical development of Dutch houses: one room after another, where light and diagonal visual connections create scenes recalling the domestic atmosphere of Dutch paintings from 17th century. An interpretation of the typology of the Hotel Particulier; rooms in a matryoshka sequence connected by multiple openings that leads from the public dimension of the city to the intimacy of an hotel room, a path of thresholds.

The gate, a few steps, the entry court yard, the lobby, the central staircase, the hotel room that in its plan reflects in a smaller scale the the commune areas, the ground floor. A reference to the huge windows that characterize the city of Delft linking together the in side and the out side, allowing strangers to be part of the domestic interior of a house facing the street.