Common Home: re-constructing lost typologies

Students: Edward Zammit, Lauritz Bohne, Lea Scherer

Title: Common Home: re-constructing lost typologies

Semester: 2020

Teachers: dr. ir. Angeliki Sioli, ir. Pierre Jennen, dr. ir. Willemijn Wilms Floet

The project tackles the question of future densification in the harbour area of M4H, searching for the potentials of its industrial fabric. How can space in the future of 2050 reinterpret productivity and serve in constructing a new common home, dealing with less individual space and less individual ownership as new reality.

By the mapping of existing infrastructural layers potentials of reuse and appropriation are disclosed and a deep engagement with the harbour surrounding is taking pace. We read and value structures and materialities found on site, and start to imagine narratives to connect all those layers in a new cycle of productive dwelling.

The project, manifested in a crane rail, re-connects found infrastructure and blurrs the boundaries of production, processing and consumption on site. It envisions a public life 2050 embedded in this productive cycle, feeding and being fed by the neighbourhood. It complements the dense surrounding dwelling in its program, making whole M4h a common home.