Continuity and Change

Dwelling in the In-Between

Student: Jose Maria Gomez- Acebo Botin-Sanz de Sautuola

Title: Continuity and Change: Dwelling in the In-Between

Semester: 2022

Teachers:  Pierre Jennen, Jorge Mejia Hernandez, Aleksandar Stanicic

The Tower of Babel depicts the collective self-assertive ambition to reach the heavens. In doing so it reveals through architecture two inherent and inevitable conditions of human life: firstly, that our highest aspirations are unreachable and unsustainable, both because no height of building will reach heaven and because the foundations are already in ruins even when construction is still happening atop. And secondly, that our highest aspirations set aside the realities of the human body. The tower, unable to provide basic need shelter, has been populated by hanging precarious shelters for the laborers of the construction . My project directly delves into these two realizations and engages in them as two sides of the same coin. The first indicates the aspirations of the human mind which makes us long for the transcendental. On the flip side is the gravity-bound and mundane reality of our human flesh. My project serves as a manifesto of sorts, depicting my believes about architecture and life at large, by putting side by side the two realities of human life, doing so not through metaphor or lofty expression but through concrete constructable realities.

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