High-rise Nature Inclusivity in M4H, Rotterdam

Students: Weronika Dardzinska, Alan Dolieslager, Jeanique Romeijnders, Basti Schleier

Title: Ecohabitation

Semester: 2021

Teachers: ir. Pierre Jennen, dr. ir. Willemijn Wilms Floet, Holly Dale

Definition: ecohabitation

1. the environmental act of inhabitating: ecological occupancy

2. Settlement concerned with the relation of living organisms

Problem statement: How could a reordered hierarchy of humans and non-humans transform the industrial M4H city scape into a nature inclusive landscape?

Deconstruction of the industrial buildings will create a Ruin Park: the identity of the new green living environment in which non-humans and humans live and work together. The new housing in a geometrical volume has the smallest footprint to create more space for nature in the surrounding area. And the wooden deconstructable tower is in dialogue with existing M4H high rise landmarks. A wooden community tower where people live together with nature, with community spaces simulating an outdoor garden environment.