Research & Publications

Repositioning Architecture in the Digital

Theory of Architecture and Digital Culture explores what it means to design in a global open data society. Our lines of research are interdisciplinary and include theoretical reflection, historical contextualization, and curatorial practice addressing urgent questions about the built environment. To deal with the growing complexity of architectural and environmental data, designers must critically reconsider their tools and methods towards data-based concepts taking social impacts into account. The goal is to enable interdisciplinary research by using open data as a medium of cross-departmental integration.

We investigate the interrelations of design, data and society from different perspectives, at various scales and using multiple methods. The research consists of a broad spectrum of subjects, from the algorithmization of cultural techniques and the relevance of computer vision for design to the importance of open science for the built environment and the impact of data economies, such as the energy, food, goods, and health industry, on buildings, and cities.


Prof. dr. Georg Vrachliotis