NWO subsidy for Urban Development Management

BK professors Ellen van Bueren (MBE) and Thijs Asselbergs (AE &T) are part of the research consortium Island(er)s @the helm that has been granted an NWO subsidy. They contribute respectively to the work package ‘A co-creative approach to policy development and sustainable knowledge practices’ and the work package on ‘Co-engineering: the water-food-shelter-nexus with local stakeholders’. 

Since the first occupation of the islands, hurricanes and the devastation of coastal areas have significant ecological and social implications for the (Dutch) Caribbean. These are deeply impacting the basic living conditions (water, food, shelter) and heritage of the island inhabitants. This requires immediate action! Island(er)s at the Helm brings together researchers and societal partners to combine technical, traditional, and contemporary knowledge practices to co-create sustainable and inclusive strategies for social adaptation to these climatic challenges. In parallel, a trans-Atlantic academic platform and regional expertise center, will be developed fostering research-based education on climate challenges for the islands.