Creating the built environment

Creating a durable built environment requires professionals who understand and can manage the complex and dynamic real estate and urban (re)development and construction processes. The Management in the Built Environment educational program focuses on integrating design, managerial, organisational, economic, financial, legal, technological, sustainable and policy aspects into development processes aimed at adding value during the entire life cycle of buildings, areas and housing stock.

The Management in the Built Environment program distinguishes itself from others by paying specific attention to the increasing importance of the adaptive reuse of the built environment by focusing on decision-making processes of end users and owners of buildings. Current and future challenges in the built environment such as mitigating climate change and developing a circular economy require open-minded innovative minds skilled in applied integrative knowledge and excellent collaborative leadership in the built environment. The Management in the Built Environment program challenges you to become an reflective and critical academic professional who creates and manages the future built environment.  

Once you have graduated from our MSc track, you will be qualified to fulfill a wide range of roles with all parties involved in the whole building process, for example, as an executive at a development company, large building company or architectural firm, as a manager at a construction project management office or as a policy official at a public housing organisation. 

Have a look at a few testimonials about the different places our MBE alumni end up. Management in the Built Environment has a very active community of students: BOSS Students