05 september 2017

Problematic behaviour amongst youths when moving to more affluent neighbourhood

Problems in deprived neighbourhoods are often tackled through socio-economic integration. The thought behind this approach is that residents with lower incomes and educational levels are motivated to improve their position through their proximity to neighbours with a better socio-economic standing. However, young people who move to more affluent areas actually exhibit more problem behaviour, says Jaap Nieuwenhuis.

28 juni 2017

Research Grant: LessThanWagonLoad

The development of ‘Less than Wagon Load’ transport solutions in the Antwerp Chemical cluster project has the objective to develop a smart specialized logistics cluster for the chemical industry in the Port of Antwerp in order to shift transport volumes from road to rail freight. This objective will be realised by developing new rail transport solutions for single pallets and new added value rail freight services for the industry within the Antwerp chemical cluster. The new concepts should also be leveraged to other logistical hubs with other industries. This will be demonstrated at a second logistical hub, in the south of Italy. Partners from six countries participate in the project. Less than Wagon load is a 3-year EU Horizon 2020 project.

28 juni 2017

Recognition for OTB research programmes

The research programmes OTB is involved in (Urban and Regional Studies, Housing in a Changing Society and Geo-Information Governance and Technology) have recently been well-reviewed by an independent international review committee. The research quality was rewarded ‘world leading/excellent’ to ‘very good’ and its societal relevance ‘world leading/excellent’. The faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment as a whole was assessed being 'very high' regarding research quality and as 'world leading/excellent’ regarding societal relevance.

28 juni 2017

Housing equity additional source of pension?

What are the policy options for housing equity as additional pension? OTB is part of a seven member European research consortium Integrating Residential Property with Private Pension Provision led by iff-Hamburg to find answers. The research is funded by the European Commission DG Employment and Social Affairs.

28 juni 2017

Institutional setting bottleneck for zero-emission buses

Zero-emission buses are considered a vital element in the transition to a more sustainable transport system. Both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell buses do however face significant barriers to large-scale implementation. Various regulative, normative and cognitive institutions discourage the use of the type of buses, at least in the Netherlands, stated Rob Koning at the NECTAR Conference Transport in a networked society in Madrid this June.

28 juni 2017

Land administration week in Delft

In March TU Delft hosted two international land administration events: the UN-GGIM Expert Group on Land Administration and Management and the 6th FIG Land Administration Domain Model Workgroup. A series of presentations on globally recognized concepts, approaches and activities for good land administration were delivered. On both occasions OTB professor Peter van Oosterom and GIS specialist delivered a speech, one promoting the use of the land administration domain model, the other on 3D versus 4D Cadastre.

28 juni 2017

Basic right to affordable housing

Governments ought to accommodate community-driven solutions to affordable housing, says Housing Institutions & Governance professor Marja Elsinga in The Mark News. Societies are urbanizing, cities are growing and land and house prices keep soaring. These rising prices are an important source of income for owners of residential real estate, as well as tax revenues and fuel for economic growth. Yet, these inflated prices have also become a brake for the economic, and sustainable, growth of many cities around the world.

28 juni 2017

DEPRIVEDHOODS results in EU and OECD reports

The European Commission – together with UN Habitat – and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), both highlighted the quality and future of cities in their annual reports. Results and insights of the long-term DEPRIVEDHOODS project, a key project in the OTB Housing in a Changing Society research programme, found their way into both reports. Education support social integration, but only on the long run, is one of them. The project focuses on school results, criminal behaviour, relocation patterns and neighbourhood changes.

22 mei 2017

Invloed (spoor)wegen op verstedelijking neemt af

Ooit bepaalden nieuwe spoorlijnen en snelwegen waar verstedelijking plaatsvond. Die invloed is er nog wel, maar lang niet zo sterk meer als voorheen. Het is daarom verstandig geweest dat in de afgelopen decennia in aanvulling op het vervoersbeleid, een krachtig ruimtelijk beleid is gevoerd. Hierdoor heeft het stedelijk patroon draagvlak kunnen bieden voor het openbaar vervoer en fiets en is sterkere autoafhankelijkheid voorkomen. Dit toont het onderzoek van promovenda Dena Kasraian aan.

16 mei 2017

Gebrek aan woningaanbod remmende werking op koopwoningmarkt

Het jaar 2017 start met mooie woningmarktcijfers. Zo stijgt het aantal hypotheken en transacties van koopwoningen. Echter, het gebrek aan aanbod zorgt voor problemen voor doorstromers en starters.