Assistant professor

Dr Marjolein van Esch

-  Academic Lead Climate change adaptation @ Climate Action Program

Selected Teaching Activities

-  BK3TE4 Technologie 4 Constructie en Klimaatontwerp

-  AR1U100 R&D Studio: Designing Urban Environments

Assistant Professor

Dr. Luca Iuorio

Climate Action Program

Teacher / Researcher

Dr Cecilia Furlan

Current research interest:

Spatialisation of Circularity

about PhD project

Title: On Worn Out Landscapes. Mapping Wasteland in the Charleroi and Veneto Central Territories

Postdoctoral Researcher

Deborah C. Lefosse

Postdoctoral researcher


Postdoctoral Researcher

Elizabeth Migoni Alejandre

Postdoctoral Researcher
Circularity in Urban Regions

Postdoctoral Researcher

Mimi Ramirez Aranda

Postdoctoral Researcher
- NEB-STAR Project

About PhD project
- Barriers toward the widespread adoption of PPGIS in spatial planning practice

Current research interest:
- Spatial quality, social values and citizen science

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sophia Arbara

Postdoctoral Researcher

Spatial dynamics of food systems in deltaic areas

- Delta Urbanism

- Redesigning Deltas

Tenure Track

Daniela Maiullari

TUD research outputs


About Tenure Track: Urban design for local climate types


Mariette Overschie

Circularity in BSc Education

-  Course coordinator BK2AC1

Researcher / Teacher

Ir. Francesca Rizzetto

- Redesigning Deltas

PhD Candidates

Foteini Setaki

Link to research profile

about PhD project:

Additive Manufacturing and Environmental Design

Yan Song

link to research profile

about PhD project:

Developing urban metabolism indicator framework in strategic urban planning

Arnout Sabbe

link to research profile

about PhD project:

Title: geometa(b)(p)olitics

Funded by: CINDERELA (H2020 project)

Tanya Tsui

about PhD project

Title: Circular Maker City

Funded by: Pop-Machina (H2020 project)

Abdullah Aldakheelalla

link to research profile: ResearchGate

about PhD project:

Title: Heat Resilient Urbanism in Hot Urban Dessert (HUDs)

Maha Moustafa Habib Abdelraouf

  • About PhD project: urban heat and inequalities

    This research is a part of the forerunner projects funded by the Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC).

Serah Calitz

  • PhD theme: WEF Post Longue Duree - Architecture

Isabel Recubenis Sanchis

  • PhD theme: WEF Post Longue Duree - Urbanism

Academic guests

Dr ir Pablo van der Lugt

Profile page AMS Institute


Resarch interests:

Biobased building, engineered wood & bamboo, mass timber, circularity in the built environment, forestry, carbon accounting.

Support staff

Guest teacher