Prof. V. Nadin

Professor of Spatial Planning - Department of Urbanism

“I am working with colleagues to define a Delft approach to urbanism that builds on the well-established combinations of urban and landscape design, spatial planning and environmental management. Urbanism at TU Delft, including spatial planning has a strong international profile and builds on the high reputation of planning practice and research in the Netherlands. We have a multinational staff and recruit many students from all over the world.

Our challenge over coming years is to strengthen our understanding of the meaning of planning under more difficult conditions. The typical examples of planning process and urban development of north-west Europe and the US are poor models for these places, but they continue to be marketed and ‘bought’ around the world with damaging consequences. How can cities and regions organise collective action that respects local conditions and cultures yet ensures more sustainable and fair development of their territories? After many years of teaching and research on spatial planning systems in Europe and the role of the European institutions in territorial management, I am concentrating on learning about planning in other parts of the world, particularly China and Taiwan. 

I am also research director of the joint TU Delft – South China University of Technology Centre for Urban Systems and Environment (USE), and director of the European Masters in Urbanism, a post-master course that provides intensive multinational learning for young professionals. I have led a number of major international comparative research projects which started with the EU Compendium of Spatial Planning Systems and Policies (1997), and I am joint author with the late Barry Cullingworth of the leading textbook Town and Country Planning in the UK (Routledge), co-author of European Spatial Planning and Territorial Cooperation ( Routledge) and editor-in-chief of the Routledge/Taylor and Francis international peer reviewed journal Planning Practice and Research.

Vincent Nadin