Spring 2015

In het voorjaar van 2015 was Stefan Behnisch gastprofessor aan de faculteit. Onder het leiderschap van Stefan Behnisch groeide Behnisch Architekten uit tot een succesvol internationaal bureau, met vestigingen in Stuttgart, Los Angeles, Boston en Munich. Behnisch is een innovator op het gebied van duurzaam ontwerp en heeft verscheidene prijzen gewonnen, waaronder de Global Award for Sustainable Architecture.

Stefan Behnisch:

"Whenever there was a new aspect of architecture in the past, it made itself very important in the beginning, think about the Eiffel tower. Engineering was just invented in architecture, and it made itself very visual. Nowadays, engineering is so far developed, it is not the main aspect anymore. So other aspects can express themselves. The same happens right now with the aspect of sustainability. Once we master the subject, it will be one of the disciplines like all the others."
“Architects have to understand enough to see opportunities, challenges and possibilities. If you don’t understand structure, you’ll never be as good as an engineer. But if you don’t understand the principle of structure, they can tell you whatever they want. A lot of people in our profession, consultants, engineers, they have a tendency to do what they have done in the past twenty years, so innovation is not possible anymore if we don’t control the process. I advise students to be interested, to be curious in all these fields, to be able to understand the discussion also from the other side of the table.”

Visiting Professor Stefan Behnisch

Duurzaam ontwerp

Hij trad op als ‘visiting critic’ bij verschillende vakken en gaf inspirerende lezingen om zijn expertise op het gebied van duurzaam ontwerp met de studenten te delen.

“Having worked with Stefan Behnisch on several competitions and projects but also having seen his oeuvre I experience him as the archetype of an integral thinking architect. It is all about the function, the form, the performance of a building – with the human being put in the centre! He always starts with the question of what the building is supposed to deliver and how this will function – in terms of technology as well as aesthetics – and keeps track of these aspects until the functional building is realized.“ Ulrich Knaack, Professor of Design and Construction, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft.

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IBN Wageningen (1998) - photographer: Martin Schodder