The minor Archineering focuses on two main issues: technology as an essential part of any design product and making explicit the design process. Just like an athlete can train to become a master, a designer can train the design process as well. By training designing, engineering and prototyping in a number of short exercises and explicitly studying and reflecting on the design process, more insight in the personal design process and integration of technology and design will be acquired in this minor.

Minor code: BK-Mi-146-16

Language: English

Participating institutions: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

Maximum participants: 45

Education methods: Design project, excursions, workshops, building analysis, research

For whom?

  • This course is open to any Bachelor student who wants to delve more into the materialization and engineering of their design plans, improve their design skills and get more insight in the design process.
  • Students from every designing faculty at TU Delft (Architecture, Industrial Design, Civil Engineering, Aerospace and Marine Technology) should have received the adequate knowledge prior to entering this minor.
  • Also students in HBO education can enroll for the minor. If a student is not from TU Delft, a portfolio and cv is asked for, to check if design skills and frame of reference are sufficient. 

What will you learn?

In the minor Archineering you will learn to:

  • Foster design results, in which the relation between design and technology is a key theme
  • Formulate, use and develop a guiding theme to strengthen the coherence within your design project on all scale levels// Translate a design task in a complete and technically engineered draft proposal within 2 weeks
  • Do research on the technology aspects: construction, climate design, digital manufacturing and detailing and be able to experiment with the design tools you find in your own design project
  • Analyse buildings and compare them on various generic architectural aspects, to translate this in diagrams and to apply these as a design tools in your own design process
  • Build, test and develop several prototypes and models on different information levels
  • Be able to make explicit the generic elements of the design process and use these to reflect on your own design process

Course overview

Quarter 1
Archineering 1 (BK7460-13)    

Quarter 2
Archineering 2 (BK7461)

For course descriptions, please visit the study guide.


Ir. Roel van de Pas

Students about this minor:

"I really liked the fact that the first part of the minor consisted of many small design tasks; I was amazed I could produce so much in such a short time!"
"With every assignment, I noticed it was easier to design."
"I enjoyed learning so much more about the design process!"

" After all the small assignments in Archineering//1, the nice thing was, you could totally deepen one subject to max in a large research & design assignment in Archineering//2."
“By actually making something 1:1, you need to force yourself to understand it 100%, otherwise you can not construct it …”