Céline Mugica

Architectural Engineering

Cikapundung Craft School - view from the river

The Self-Craft Community of Bandung

The informal urban settlements of Indonesian cities (kampungs) provide a precious socio-spatial safety net and a flexible environment for the workers of the city. However, they are the ones who will suffer the most from the increasing influx of people. Kampung Braga, located in the city centre of Bandung, is slowly being overtaken by soulless monumental developments which are detrimental to the local character, the environment and social structures.

Through combining existing local knowledge of craftsmanship in a low-tech approach with the introduction of CNC milling, local workers are empowered to create safe and durable buildings which reflect the regional character. The Self-Craft Community, emerging from the existing structure of a semi-abandoned market (Pasar Cikapundung), is a creative educational environment where knowledge of craftsmanship and the new construction approach can be taught, tested and applied, incrementally improving the conditions of the urban kampung in a sustainable and expressive manner.

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