Cheng Zhu

Architectural Engineering

Ramble in Archi-Forest

Archi-Nature: Renovate in-between space - convert AMC City into a natural healing community

AMC is the largest academic hospital in the Netherlands and has been in use for 36 years. Now, AMC is due for renovation to enable it to meet the future needs. Towards 2050, AMC city will require a better healing environment that incorporates nature. Meanwhile, it will change from a closed medical machine to a community of healing which welcomes the public.

My solution is to renovate the AMC’s in-between spaces with ‘Archi-Nature’. Archi-Nature means creating a sense of the experience of nature by using the language of architecture. Archi-Nature is cheaper and more flexible in spatial design than real nature and, within the context of the AMC, it is a way to avoid the problem of infection.

The intervention involves three steps. First, the experience of nature created by the new structure will benefit both patients and doctors. Second, a new public layer (new programmes) will attract potential users and connect the AMC city to the outside environment. Third, a new climate system will solve the serious energy problems. This three-level intervention will re-invigorate the outdated AMC.

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