Cherk Ga Leung

Methods and Analysis

Water is retained in the storm water basin after a huge flood during the rainy season

Choreographing a Landscape of Contingency - Mobilizing the boundaries separating the Norm, the Alternative and the Not-yet-known

The project operates within the corporeal dimensions of cognitive processes. Infatuated with being clear and concise in a world cut out for scientific knowledge, do we leave untapped something of the fluidity of the world which eludes logical reasoning?

Teusaquillo was built in the 1950s following the principles of the Garden City. Over time, Bogotá’s turbulent past resulted in it becoming highly fenced. My intervention is a chain of constructed storm water wetlands running through Teusaquillo. It is an interlocking network in which things – water, plants, identities etc. – exist along never-ending paths of movement. Like a stream, they shape their banks as they flow.

Within this misty landscape, boundaries are defined by the reach of thoughts and bodily movement. By constructing the material conditions for people to collectively perform alternative ways of gathering, I aim to disturb the impermanent boundary around that knowledge which we know and accept.

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