Danny Arakji

Transitional Territories

Site Intention Fort Like Memorial Wall

Theater of Decay - A Nature and Human Coexistence in the Toxic Landscapes of Rotterdam Port

The thesis uses the condition of the port of Rotterdam’s petrochemical toxic landscape as a tool to illustrate the role of wild nature in the survival of the planet, with human activity kept to a bare minimum. A human crematorium that decomposes and opens up the steel oil silos through a structure made of steel urns from silos that human ashes are stored in. Correlating the end of the oil refinery with the death of man who created it and created the landfill to the rise of wild nature. A project that unlocks a future land to the city to take over as nature heals the site from toxicity, but only for a transitional period before nature dictates its rules again and takes over. The thesis highlights the fact that in our time nature and everything in it is at stake. The world we get to live in is the one we make by unmaking wrong decisions man has made in previous decades.


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