Diego Moya Ortiz

Urban Transformations & Sustainability: Planning Complex Cities

Strategic and adaptive spatial actions at inter and intra municipal level

Contesting metropolization by Neoliberalism: Activating vulnerable areas through inter-municipal spatial planning in Santiago de Chile

The metropolization process in Santiago de Chile has been strongly influenced by the neoliberal rationale in the field of urban planning. A diffuse interaction between the forces of the urban land market, national-global trends of capital agglomeration and fragmented governance have led to a highly segregated socio-spatial structure. These processes have led to the economic marginalization of the most vulnerable municipal areas, unable to profit within the current model of market-driven development. During the last five years, the Chilean government has raised the necessity to address these issues through new governance and planning national agenda. Within this context, this thesis project proposes and evaluates a collaborative spatial planning strategy for three vulnerable municipalities (Lo Espejo, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, and Cerrillos) by using adaptive scenarios. The paramount focus is on the social and economic activation of the morphological urban tissue of these areas using a multi-scalar approach.

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