Heeyoun Kim

Architectural Engineering

Parametric design process

Permeable Playground; Bauhaus Fabrication Hub

‘Permeable Playground’ designs a space for art that integrates Bauhaus Dessau and the new Bauhaus Museum in Dessau Station, Germany. This proposal will release space for the unique relationship between art and people, and incorporate them into the city to enhance the connection of Bauhaus and the new Bauhaus museum with the expansion of the experience of creation. The extended relationship between creation and human means that by improving technologies, the production and distribution of creation can be implemented easily. This means that the boundaries between the audience and the creator gradually disappear, and the space for art is directed towards ordinary life besides conventional museums. To integrate the space for 'creation' with everyday life, this project analyses and improves the architectural typology of the city with the irresistible desire of this period, new technology (the 4th industrial revolution; mass customization).

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