Johannes Düber

Heritage & Architecture

New Connection

The Historic Layers of the Reuversweerd Estate in Brummen

From its grand 19th-century manor house to the functional post-war stables, the Reuversweerd estate very much represents a part of Dutch rural history. However, like many other country estates, its remote location makes its transformation and subsequent reuse a great challenge.

My proposal seeks to emphasize the unique qualities of the site, above all its ability to tell the story of rural life in the last few centuries. In order to unlock this potential, the buildings are connected via a series of small-scale and partly temporary interventions, creating a sequence of different spaces and atmospheres through which visitors are invited to walk. These spaces remain almost in their original state, except for small “box in box” interventions that accommodate new functions (catering). Besides its function as a story-telling device, the new connection aims to unlock the full development potential of this ensemble of buildings.