Krittika Agarwal

Sustainable Design Graduation Studio

Anatomy of hybrid timber construction technology

Hybrid Timber Construction technology - Investigation in a hybrid building construction technique, that could be encoded in a digital tool, by maximizing the use of local building materials such as natural timber, in seismic zone of Meghalaya, India

On 03 January 2016, the seismic tremor caused the porcelain statue to dribble onto the floor. As I ran down the stairs to help my grandparents, I was shivering from top to toe as the floor trembled. Sadly, the worst was yet to comeā€¦

As the need for shelter continues to grow in Indian cities, Shillong has shifted from the indigenous seismic-responsive timber habitats to unregulated quick concrete constructions. Also, with global sustainability at stake, rethinking indigenous technology offers possibilities for the region.

Upon reimagining, this historical timber construction technique has been retrofitted into a 6-storey structure that addresses the requirements of present-day habitants of Shillong. The scientific solution is tailored to suit the practicalities of current regional technological advancements. Further, for immediate implementation, the design logic has been encoded in a digital tool to aid the designers in the early design phase. The final output is as local and ecological as possible.

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