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One hub that could transform the entire city - Aerial overview

Project HUMAM (Hub for Urban Mobility for Amsterdam Metropolitan area)

More and more people are moving from their villages to cities or suburbs, creating a full expanse of city boundary and less space to accommodate residents. The municipality of Amsterdam is expecting an increase of 70.000 new households over the next 30-40 years in the Havenstad area. With this scenario in mind, the city wants to shed of its ‘old-fashioned’ car-dominated and industry-focused image. Amsterdam wants to be the city for everyone, and therefore, it understands that the combustion-engined car must disappear from the streets.

Imagine a city where cars are stored locally upon arrival at your specific zone. In this way, we create more opportunities for inhabitants to celebrate their freedom by giving them back the space they deserve. Project HUMAM is a mobility hub where people can transfer from their original car, by giving the city the space it needs to cultivate and innovate.

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