Silvia Leone

Methods and Analysis

Re-connecting city to nature - collaged view over the river garden pavilions

Sólido Líquido Lítico - A river garden for Bogotá

The neighbourhood of Teusaquillo (Bogotá) hosts the river Arzobispo, which connects the mountains of the Andean plateau to the city. Used for rituals and sacred baths in ancient times, Arzobispo was a catalyst for public leisure until 1980s. Densification and negligence have turned the river into a polluted creek, a traffic island between fenced blocks, where public space rhymes with hardship, violence and distrust.

The project proposes to restore this lost ecosystem to the community through the re-naturalisation of the river and the creation of a 1km linear garden punctuated by nine pavilions, the 'neighbourhood rooms'. Here, soil and water are exposed to stimulate a sensorial re-appropriation, in a cycle that unearths the archaeology of the place, generates memories and fosters collective responsibility. The river garden becomes an encounter between untamed and domesticated, primal and civilised - it is a site for the discovery and regeneration of the natural as well as of the human environment.

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