Sofia Chrysanthou

Architectural Engineering

Buffer zone

Buffer Zone on Marineterrein: A safe and inclusive district for Civilians and Marines

As the Royal Dutch Marines break the administrative agreement with the municipality of Amsterdam and continue to occupy the area on Marineterrein, the visions and ambitions for the development of a future-proof district are compromised. The presence of the Navy Base in the city centre and the border that currently separates civilians from marines contradicts the character of the new development and is an anachronism that needs drastic change.

The project seeks to reduce the use of high walls and fences and the need for intensifying security, intelligent surveillance systems and defence mechanisms by putting in place crime prevention strategies through environmental design. The border of Marineterrein is now transformed into a buffer zone, a safe and inclusive district for civilians and marines that offers opportunities for interaction between them, while renewing the relationship and integration of such an institution into the urban fabric.

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