Tai Wei Kan

Complex Projects

Zero gravity gaming arena

Game Grounds: playground for gaming in the future city

As we head towards the 22nd century, our lives are to face myriads of changes. Technological advancements in computers and robotics generate more leisure time to be incorporated into our daily lives. Cities at large continue to expand, as entertainment becomes an important factor in their development and service.

Game Grounds, located in the heart of Amsterdam Amstel, is a gaming hub designed in response to the flourishing gaming industry that will soon cross over into healthcare and education. Functioning as a node for future gaming, the building creates a dynamic environment in which the community can interact, participate and recreate.

The project explores the spatial possibilities suggested and influenced by gaming technologies of the future. The bold form of the building is an architectural expression that integrates three modes of gaming: augmented reality, hologram projections, and zero-gravity devices. The internal building structure and the surrounding environment of Game Grounds together comprehensively perform as a future gaming platform which enhances users’ gaming experience as never before.

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