Camille Billottet

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An architectural exploration of smells - conceptual illustration

Architecture nose - Towards multisensory architecture, an exploration of the sense of smell

Smells are everywhere around us. They are present from our mother’s womb, to every activity and place we experience during our lives. But in contemporary architecture, sight and touch prevail and the olfactive dimension of our built environment is often forgotten. This project questions smells in the built environment, their affect on architecture and humans, and their potential for architects.

Participative experiments with a perfumer* and a panel of students explore the olfactive properties of materials and their alteration; variations on construction techniques; the impact of space and human behaviours on what will be smelled; and the manipulation of the mind. Design-wise, a Smelltrail of seven interventions in Lyon (France) engages with the site and the visitors for a multisensorial discovery of a forgotten part of the city. From a silent tower, a growing columbarium, to a warm bathhouse, each building challenges smells, transforming the visitor through unknown sensations.

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