Emma ten Bosch


3D section with public (red), semi-public (purple) and private (blue) routes.

Thuis in Hillesluis: Leven in de Ambachtsschool

In Rotterdam-Zuid, residents moving upward in social mobility are leaving this developing area, in need of affordable and suitable housing. Creating dwellings that allow them to pursue their housing career in place will also keep the fragile social structures intact, but space for new dwellings is scarce. While transforming vacant public buildings is possible, privatising them reduces the space for neighbourhoods and their communities. The proposed design is a prototype of an intervention both socially and physically integrated in a neighbourhood. A vacant school building in Hillesluis is transformed into a mixed-use establishment where public neighbourhood-functions coexist with dwellings variously within the building. These dwellings, specifically designed to meet the housing needs of the target group, offer privacy and shelter from the city, while the literal door to the more public parts of the building is always open to them. The design demonstrates the potential of such social and physical place by disclosing both the existing/memorable and the new/progressive. 

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